Don't trust anyone over 30

Today, a wrectched old woman came in to order a pizza. A co-worker of mine, who happens to be a teenager, served her. My co-worker informed her that we did not have whole wheat dough at this time, and this old bag got all pissy about it and asked to speak to the department manager. Of course, it's Sunday and the manager isn't in. She then asked for a name so that she could call and speak to her another time.

I can guarantee that if I, or one of my other co-workers who are older were serving this woman, she wouldn't have asked for the manager's name. I had jobs when I was younger, and I learned quickly that people don't trust you if you're below a certain age. Yes, my co-worker is fifteen, but she's worked there for over a year and knows what she's doing. She's not saying we're out of whole wheat dough just to be an ass. We don't have whole wheat dough. Nothing you say or do is going to magically make the dough appear, ready to use.

So to this old woman, I say nice job completely looking down upon and undermining my co-worker, who happens to be an excellent employee, just because she's a quarter of your age. It's not her fucking fault you aged poorly, you wretched old hag.


Blogger cranberry said...

so true. Ageism is evil.
Hey, didn't Yoko Ono just say it was more prevalent than sexism?

Your co-worker should have asked if she wanted prunes on her pizza.

Oh the joys of customer service.

9:47 PM  
Blogger vivahate said...

It's all right, the woman is on our list of "People who's pizza toppings get accidently dropped on the floor."

10:25 PM  
Blogger cranberry said...

(a totally delayed reply): fabulous. or the really old food that's WAY past it's time in the warmer.

11:34 PM  

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